We create wonderful experiences, strengthen
customer relationships and drive growth

Customers want to feel valued, respected and also want to be treated as individuals. Brands that deliver great customer experience are the ones customers want to interact with and become loyal to which leads to them recommending it to friends and family. The fast paced information age and digitization perpetually alters the way that customers connect with companies thus customer engagement methods have to be adaptable.

Our 10+ years of experience has brought us matchless understanding of the customer experience and how to make it better. For our clients who span across multiple industries, we deliver excellence at every moment-of-truth in the customer journey by providing the facilities, people, process, and omnichannel technologies that build value across every interaction channel, we enable millions of personal interactions every day.

Our goal is to make business processes simpler and more cost effective enabling you to focus on your core competencies.
As part of our service improvement, we have undertaken and we are still pursuing professional certifications whilst being good standing members of both international & local industry associations.

Our strategy rests on three (3) major foundations:

Exceptional Talent

Properly trained and motivated human capital will always be the most essential factor in achieving the goal of providing a truly rewarding customer experience.

Our people represents one of our greatest competitive advantages. To ensure that we meet our clients’ every expectation, an e.Services team of professionals is specifically dedicated to each client

Customer Aligned Processes

Architecture of well thought-out customer engagement processes which reflects the customer service strategy of organisations. We have defined methodologies for flexible process design and documentation to standardizing interactions for consistency & efficiency across the operation.

Engagement Technology

An expensive expertise in the design, deployment and operations of the enabling technology infrastructure required for operating world class mission critical customer facing organizations.

Our Services

Our goal is to make business processes simpler and more cost effective, enabling you to focus on your core competencies

Services Aviation eCommerce Energy & Utilities Financial Services FMCG Health Care Insurance Telecommunication
Contact Management
Inbound/Outbound (Contact Center)
Back Office Management 
Debt Collection          
Customer Satisfaction Survey & Insights (VoC)
Advanced Knowledge Management
Social Media Engagement 
Technical Support
Contact Center Training
Advisory Services

Our Differentiators

Our ability to continuously distinguish ourselves from the competition results directly from quality improvement programs such as:

  • Strong Quality Control Process

  • Process Discipline And Adherence

  • Rigorous Analytics

  • Performance Management

  • Continuous Improvement Culture

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Monitoring And Adherence

As part of our service improvement, we have undertaken and still pursuing certifications and are good standing members of both international & local industry associations:

Lets create experiences that delight, strengthen connections and grow business.

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