First class operations brought to you by engaged and empowered employees

For more than 14 years, we’ve connected brands to their customers to solve problems, answer questions, and build more connected relationships. While we are proud of our heritage of technology innovation, we’re also proud of the amazing employees who work on the front lines for our clients every day.

We’re very selective with a 1 to 10 applicant to hire ratio. Once we’ve found the right fit, we on-board, train, and celebrate our employees. And it’s working. Our employee engagement score is one of the highest in the services industry, and our best source of new talent is through impact sourcing programs and employee referrals.

Our performance management is driven by scorecards, management review systems and customer satisfaction indicators. Service Level Agreement (SLA) management and adherence, strict compliance with six sigma processes, and a continuous productivity improvement culture is our hallmark. This is achieved through innovative management which covers employee satisfaction initiatives, attrition control programs and rewards & recognition programs.

With our state-of-the-art tools, we equip our human capital with productivity improvement tools like unified desktop and multi-channel integration for our clients’. Data mining, predictive modelling and advanced analytics are basic value added solutions we provide our clientele. We go further to infuse Voice-of-the-Customer, Customer Life cycle and Net Promoter Score programs in driving business decisions internally and for our clients this aids in adaptive and insight-driven campaign management.

Our Mantra

We are synonymous to our mantra, Great Service pays Great Dividends for which we have created and delivered value for national and global brands:

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