We help continue the conversation with digital tools and sales expertise that increases relevance and results

In the midst of today’s highly competitive market, you cannot win if you just sit around and wait for customers to bring revenue into your business. Telemarketing must form an integral part of your company’s sales and marketing campaign either as a tool for data gathering, or as an up-front tool for identifying best sales prospects.
Conducting a reasonably sized telemarketing project in a practical time scale is nearly impossible with an in-house telemarketing team. Thus outsourcing to a credible partner with years of experience in telemarketing is imperative.

The e.Services Value Marketing service is about making sales over the phone with access to free insightful reports for making effective decisions. The service gives you unlimited access to different markets across all industries and our world class technology allows you to reach prospective customers across all touch points (Voice, Mail, Chat, and Social) any time any day even if you don’t operate 24/7.

Reduced Expenses

Eliminate huge expenses associated with hiring and managing numerous in-house employees: salaries and bonuses, vacation and sick leaves, taxes, employee insurances, retirement plans, etc.

Ease of Operation

Don’t worry about business infrastructure, we have all it takes to get your operations off the ground. Human capital, business processes, telecommunication and data processing  requirements already in place.

Insights & Reports

Gain access to customized reports & market analysis for personalized campaigns, understand customer behavior, right from their needs, product searches to buying patterns.

Voice of the Customer

Analyzing customer feedback generated via a host of mechanisms such as surveys, social media posts, and customer service interactions captured on voice recordings, chats, and emails. You get an opportunity to use this information to improve communication with your customers, increase loyalty, establish a good rapport, boost sales and retention.

Business Services

Lead Generation

We get the right-party-contact
We use unique ways to attract prospects to your business, stimulating them onto the path to eventually buying. We engage and build relationships focusing exclusively on the prospect’s needs, overcome objections, solicit feedback and clearly answer specific questions.


Appointment Setting

We turn good leads to appointments.
Our skilled sales ambassadors contact your prospects and either advertise or hard-sell your products/services. For B2B transactions, we set C-level appointments for face-to-face interaction with your sales team.


Voice of Customer

We sort customer opinions & satisfaction
We give your customers a courtesy call to keep the relationship and the brand fresh in their minds. At e.Services we go even beyond just a call to engage your customers for feedback on products/services, analyse insights for vital information to drive your decision making for growth.

Improve Marketing Data

We turn data into knowledge.
We are dedicated to maintaining a database which incorporates relevant customer data timely collected, verified and securely stored for your marketing use. At e.Services, it is more about using that data and knowledge within a database to shape your business strategy.


Cleaning Existing Data

We keep it clean, rich and accurate.
We understand that data is a valuable asset but only if it’s clean and accurate. Our professional team of telemarketers ensure that your data does not embarrass you or let you down.


Events & more

We bring the right audience.
Are you investing money in marketing events? Perhaps a seminar to introduce your company to prospects in your target market, or presenting a new product/service to potential customers, our value marketing service is an effective way to guarantee the right people turn up in numbers.

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